Meditation in Ladakh and Zankar
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Meditation in Ladakh and Zanskar

Book NowLadakh is the hidden jewel of the Himalayas and situated in extreme north India.. Its breathtaking views, dynamic Buddhist tradition, and endearing population, combine to create a one of a kind destination in the world. Unlike many areas throughout this region, Ladakh has held strong to its cultural traditions, while simultaneously embracing many positive aspects of contemporary culture.

Demazong Travels organize meditation and retreat in Ladakh and Zanskar region , we will lead a group on a mindful adventure through Ladakh, one of the most solitary and peaceful place of the world.

During the retreat period, the group will practice in a remote retreat center like, Khaspang, Maha  bhudhi meditations Centre,   Rizdong,  Hemis Kotsang, Thak Thok monastery, Shargol, Zungkul and Phuktal monastery in Zanskar. Participants through and loving-kindness-compassion meditations. The days will consist of silent sitting periods, showing video film, Dharma teachings, and meditative walking periods. Incorporated into the retreat will be opportunities to walk extensively, preparing each participant for the rigorous trek that will follow. Given the remote nature of this center and the extraordinary landscape that it will take place in, this period will, undoubtedly, prove to be very powerful.

The second part of the program will be an alpine trek, which will begin different retreat centere like, Hemis Monastery, Rizdong, and Shargol monastery in Kargil. This route is one of the most fascinating treks in Ladakh and will provide an in-depth look at the diverse ecology of the region and traditional Ladakhi life-style, as well as provide an opportunity to continue the practice that will be established during the retreat period.