About us

Responsible Tourism

Demazong Travels organizes tours and expeditions in the most fragile locales in the Himalayas. Practicing what we call ‘responsible tourism’ is not just our motto, but it is at the core of our business and reflects in everything we do, from choosing which holidays should feature on the site to recycling in our office.

At Demazong, our focus is to promote eco friendly and responsible tourism around the Himalayas that care about local communities and culture as well as conserve the wildlife and protect the environment, apart from encouraging respect between tourists and hosts, and building local pride and confidence.

Demazong Travels is a business with ambitions to change tourism for the long-term benefit of local people, tourists, the environment and the tourism industry. Part of our commitment is to screen and market responsible holidays. The other part of our commitment comprises of awareness campaigns in newly opened and fragile tourist destination in the Himalayas.

Recognizing the fragility of the wilderness in the Himalayas, we keep our groups small and operate according to Mountain Range. In order that the garbage does not destroy the exotic locales, touring groups, trek leaders and trekking crews are issued with eco-friendly green bags with them.

In our efforts to make responsible tourism a reality, our teams coordinate with local organizations like Ama Tsogspa, (Woman Alliance), Village Youth Committees and school children in order to make tourism a positive experience for all.
Furthermore, we make sure that our staff is well treated and well paid. We respect indigenous cultures, take care to protect the environment of the places you visit and take every opportunity to make a positive contribution whenever and wherever you travel.

Responsible tourism, in short, aims to make sure that tourism becomes a means for sustainable development of a place, rather than a way to destroy the local flavor.